Common Cleaning Habits to Break in 2018's featured image

Yes, it is possible to clean the wrong way. These inefficiencies are a waste of time that no one can afford. So, as we welcome in 2018, let’s look at five common ineffective cleaning habits that we need to break.

Reaching for Harsh Cleaning Products 

Most of the cleaning in your home requires nothing more than gentle, pH-neutral cleaners. These cleaners are not only gentle on your home furnishings and fixtures, they’re also much safer for you and your family. Next time you clean, skip the harsh chemicals, and opt for something natural, or eco-friendly instead.

Using Too Much Cleaning Product

Too much of a good thing can be bad, as is the case with cleaning products. Use only the amount specified on the label, or less. The rest is just excess waste, leaving you more to clean up. It will also put a hole in your wallet. Wasted product quickly extrapolates into wasted cash.

“Cleaning” with Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes were designed to disinfect. They don’t remove dirt or grime at all. So, don’t be enticed by what seems to be a quick fix. Soap and water are often your best choice to clean away accumulated dust and dirt.

Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Sink

We’ll just cut to the chase on this one; letting unwashed dishes pile up in the sink makes the kitchen look dirty. Break the habit and wash dishes as you use them. It’s as easy as that! After a few days of having a nice clean sink and clear counter, you won’t miss your lazy ways.

Cleaning Erratically

Start at the top of the room, and work your way down, cleaning from left to right. That’s what the experts do. It’s logical. Cleaning from top to bottom ensures your final vacuum or mop will remove any trace of remaining debris you’ve knocked to the ground.