Correcting 3 Common Cleaning Missteps for a Spotless Home's featured image

Keeping your living space clean and organized is essential for keeping a healthy and comfortable environment. However, there are common cleaning mistakes that people make without even realizing it. But, don’t stress! We’re here to help identify these mistakes and provide effective solutions to fix them. By avoiding them and implementing the suggested fixes, you’ll be able to achieve a cleaner and more efficient cleaning routine.


Cleaning Out of Order

While most people know there is an order to clean any room properly, they may add or skip a step that can drastically diminish their cleaning efforts. Such as deciding to spray a room freshener or deodorizer as a way to finish the job and leave the room feeling fresh. Unfortunately, these room sprays can actually leave a sticky or greasy film on floors and counters,


Solution:  When cleaning any room, the best approach is to clean from top to bottom. If you’re in the kitchen, start with the cabinets, then tackle the counters before scrubbing the floor. So, when do you use your room freshener? We recommended using it towards the middle of the cleaning process before you’ve wiped and mopped.


Using More Product is More Effective

It’s common to think that using more cleaning products will do a better job, but it’s actually the opposite. Less is more! Using too much of a cleaner or detergent will actually make your home dirtier. How? If an excess of any cleaning product is not rinsed away completely, the residue becomes a dirt magnet, causing the dust, pollen and grime to be trapped much longer.


Solution: Always use the recommended amount of product as directed on each bottle. Not only will this keep surfaces clean, it may cut down on your monthly budget as cleaning supplies last longer.


Overlooking Hidden and Neglected Areas

It’s easy to focus on the obvious cleaning tasks while overlooking hidden and neglected areas in your home. Neglecting these areas can lead to the accumulation of dust, allergens, and even pests.


Solution: To fix this mistake, conduct a thorough cleaning audit of your living space. Identify commonly overlooked areas such as ceiling fans, behind large appliances, air vents and baseboards. Create a checklist and dedicate specific cleaning time to tackle these neglected spots. Regularly cleaning these areas will significantly improve the overall cleanliness of your home.