Create a Bathroom Oasis with Shower Plants's featured image

We’ve all heard of the benefits of growing plants indoors. From herbs growing in the kitchen, to the large fiddle leaf fig by the back door, to the living wall in the foyer, adding a little flora to your home reduces stress, increases productivity, concentration and creativity, while providing a vibrant backdrop to your daily routine. There really isn’t a room in your home that won’t benefit from a little green friend so include them wherever possible. Even in the bathroom!

Shower plants are one of the hottest new trends. They thrive in warm and humid climates with low light so a perfect choice to brighten up any bathroom. Add one or two of these shower plants to transform your bathroom completely.

  1. Spider Plant: Popular in the ‘70s, this green and white beauty is as close to indestructible as you can get.
  2. Snake plant: Tall and slender it’s also called Mother-in-Laws Tongue and requires little to no attention to grow.
  3. Air Plants: These are seriously the easiest houseplants to grow. They don’t need soil and get most of their water from the air when in a moist environment.
  4. Boston Fern: A popular choice, the filtered light in a bathroom makes these lush plants feel like they are back in the forest.
  5. Zanzibar Gem: Tough and durable, the fleshy oval leaves can make this plant seem artificial.


PRO TIP: It’s important for air plants to dry completely, otherwise their roots will rot. In fact, rotting roots is exactly why succulents should not be kept in the bathroom. Surprisingly, too much moisture in the air can actually be too much for these kinds of cacti.


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Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash