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The environmental slogan ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ first started being used in the mid-70s after U.S. Congress passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  No one can say for sure who coined the catchy phrase, but for nearly 50 years it has become part of our daily lingo.  To honour the idea and go one step further to help you solve your wardrobe frustrations, we present to you:  Rewear, Repair, Repeat!  It’s our way to inspire you to think creatively when it comes to organizing your closet.

Step 1:  Rewear

One of the best kept not-so-secret secrets of the world’s top stylists is that they re-wear the same few staples over and over again.  Not in the Steve Jobs kind of way, with a closet full of the exact same black turtleneck and blue jeans.  But more like a fashionista with that uncanny ability to choose timeless pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories, jewelry and accent pieces.  Mixing and matching your wardrobe will give you untold mileage from a few pieces of clothing.  Google ‘capsule wardrobe,’ ‘French chic wardrobe’ or ‘Project 333’ to learn how you can streamline your closet yet still create endless wardrobe statements.

Step 2:  Repair

Another way to keep your closet organized is to invest in well-made clothing that may actually last your lifetime.  Fast fashion is cheap and cheerful but it falls apart quickly and, worse, is often made inhumanely.  If you limit your wardrobe to tailored, ethically-made or high-end secondhand clothing, you’re likely to take better care of it.  If a button falls off, an elbow tears, or an unsightly stain shows up, you won’t hesitate to invest in repairing the item(s), right?

Step 3:  Reimagine

These days, more and more clothing ends up in the landfill.  Fewer people continue to practice the old-fashioned arts like darning socks, patching jeans, and replacing buttons.  But it’s not too late for you to reverse that trend.  Next time your jeans rip at the knees, don’t throw them away; turn them into a pair of shorts.  If a t-shirt gets stained beyond repair, cut it up and use it for cleaning rags.  If your absolute favourite wool coat starts looking worn, find a tailor who can update the buttons and turn it from a ¾ length to a peacoat.  Or you could even have the tailor upcycle it into a bolero-style jacket or vest.



Photo by Artem Bali