Declutter your Fridge's featured image

Here are some ways to organize the fridge so that you know where foods and condiments are hiding, and what leftovers and other foods should be eaten now – or added to your compost.

  • USE SQUARE PLASTIC CONTAINERS for leftovers and other food. Square containers versus round ones are stackable and keep things tidy. Also, use the correct size of container for what you need to store, so you don’t waste space.
  • COMBINE STICKY CONTAINERS. Keep sticky jams, syrups, etc. in a removable bin so if the containers leak, you won’t have a mess on your other surrounding containers.
  • LABEL BASKETS AND DRAWERS so you know what foods go where (and so does everyone in the family). Labels could include fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, drinks, etc.
  • USE A SMALL TURN-TABLE FOR SALAD DRESSINGS. Rather than sifting through all your different dressings on the door to find the one you want, use a small turn-table so you can easily spin the table to find the dressing you’re looking for.
  • USE THE FREEZER TO SAVE FRIDGE SPACE. Freeze foods, when you can, to save space in the fridge. For example, freeze milk in cartons or bags for up to three months. After shopping, survey what you have purchased and divide meats, etc., into proper serving-size freezer bags and put them into the freezer, rather than taking up fridge space until you decide what to do or eat.
  • MAXIMIZE SHELF SPACE. Be aware of what you store in the fridge. Do you need the entire box of single-serve cans of pop, or can you keep a few in the fridge and then replace them as you go? Do you need two jars of pickles in the fridge if there are still some left in the first one, or can you replace them once the last pickle is gone? Only keep those foods in the fridge that need to be kept cold now.