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When it comes decluttering your child’s room, it’s important to get your children involved in the process. Although it may take a bit longer to clean-out their room, the process helps establish skills in decision making. It also helps them understand the benefits of sharing or donating their toys to help those in need.

Here’s a guide to get your started.

Sort: Go through your child’s toys, laying everything out on the floor. Place any broken toys or garbage into the trash. Go through each item and place them into one of two piles; keep or donate. Have your child make the decisions with you. During the decision making process its best to discuss why certain items should be donated. According to Step-by-Step Design, children have a very high sense of compassion. Explaining how their toys will help other children like them will help make the decluttering process easier.

Store: Once you have established which items will be kept, it’s time to start the storage process. If you already have storage in place, now is a great time to evaluate their effectiveness. When storing toys, it is recommended to use storage bins, organizing like items together for easy access.

Clean: If you already have storage bins, give them a good clean using a microfibre cloth and multi-purpose cleaner. Have your children help with this process as well. Take the time to also wipe down each toy before returning it to its rightful home.

Maintenance: Try to keep the room tidy on a regular basis. According to Step-by-Step Design, it is important to be understanding with your children. You cannot expect your child’s room to be clean all of the time. If you want to keep their room as clean as possible, make the clean-up process exciting. Break the tasks down into smaller ones. For example, have your child pick-up all of their toys that are red, and so on. This will help make the process more exciting and easy.