Detail your Car like a Pro's featured image

With the daily hustle and bustle of life; from travelling to and from work, squeezing in a quick trip to the gym, and rushing the kids to extracurricular activities, it’s inevitable that your car will get messy. Don’t stress! These handy tips from the pros, will leave your car looking good as new! Here’s how:

  • Armed with a plastic grocery bag, start by pulling out any garbage or unwanted items from every nook and cranny in your car. Make sure to slide your seats all the way forward to ensure you haven’t missed anything underneath them.
  • Once everything has been removed, take out your floor mats to be cleaned. Any rubber mats can be cleaned with soap, water and a stiff bristled brush, rinse thoroughly and air-dry. If you have carpet mats, vacuum each mat to remove any debris.
  • Next, using a paint brush, dust the air vents. Be sure to dust each and every vent opening in your vehicle. Once you’ve dusted the vents, mix a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the interior surfaces of your car, including your leather seats, and wipe clean using a microfibre cloth. If you have cloth seats in your car, vacuum them.
  • Once the surfaces and seats have been cleaned, its time to tackle the floor. Use your vacuum to remove any dust and debris from the floor. Make use of your vacuum attachments, like the crevasse tool, to clean any hard to reach places.
  • Now for the home stretch! It’s time to make the interior shine. Grab a clean microfibre cloth and some olive oil. It’s the perfect DIY solution to condition and polish leather seats, door panels and the dashboard. Apply a very small amount of olive oil to your cloth, and rub onto the surface in a circular motion. Remove any excess oil using a clean microfibre cloth. Put all floor mats back into your car once you have finished polishing the interior.
  • Although you can’t replace that new car smell, a car deodorizer with your favourite essential oil blend can really go a long way to freshen up your car. Grab some felt and cut out a design of your choice. Add a few drops of essential oil to both sides of the felt, and hole punch the top. Thread a piece of string through the hole and hang your homemade air freshener around the rear-view mirror in your vehicle. If you don’t have any felt handy, adding a few drops of essential oil to a clothes pin and clipping it to your vent will also do the trick!