Dishwasher Etiquette's featured image

Here are some tips from the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID that will help you make the most of your dishwasher space:

  • Start by removing any leftover food directly into your compost container. Rinse each dish.
  • Begin placing your larger dishes into the dishwasher first, starting from the outside of the rack and moving inward. Make sure to face each dish towards the spray arms. Next, fill in the remaining space with smaller dishes, following the same loading process.
  • Sort your dirty utensils according to type, and place them face down into their individual slots. Grouping like utensils together will save time and energy, when it’s time to unload the dishes.
  • Always run your dishwasher at night during off-peak usage times.
  • When the wash cycle is complete, start unloading the dishes from the bottom rack first. That way, if any items still contain water, they won’t drip on the clean dishes below.