Do the Washer and Dryer need a Clean too?'s featured image

Absolutely, says the residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID. Here’s how to do it:


While most people assume that their washer cleans itself every time they do a load of laundry, this is actually not the case. Your washing machine needs a good clean a few times a year as well.

Set your washer to the longest wash cycle and make sure the water temperature is set to hot. Add two to three cups of white vinegar and about 1/3 cup of baking soda to the inside of your machine and start the cycle. Once it’s done, wipe the inside of the drum with a damp microfibre cloth, and wipe out any product dispensers. Give everything a quick dry using a dry microfibre cloth.


Dryers can be a fire hazard, especially when the dryer vent is clogged up with lint, which happens more often than you think. Clean the lint trap (every time you use the dryer) as well as inside the dryer duct. You may have to disconnect the dryer vent to clean it out. Check the owner’s manual to see how to do it safely. If the vent walls are coated with lint, you may have to replace the vent with a new one. Otherwise, carefully clean out the lint build-up with your hands (you may want to wear some rubber gloves for this). Check the outside vent as well, and clean any lint away.

To finish, wipe the tops of both your washer and your dryer with a damp microfibre cloth and tidy any products you have on the surface. If you’re feeling extra zealous, clean behind and around your washer and dryer too, as there is likely a build-up of lint and dust.