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Do TikTok Cleaning Hacks Really Work?


TikTok is well known for its never-ending stream of goofy pet videos and trendy dance moves, but you may be surprised to hear that the highest growing TikTok segment is #CleanTok. In 3 minutes or less, creators shoot dramatic before and after videos, test cleaning tools and products, as well as share some amazing cleaning hacks. But a word of warning: scrolling TikTok cleaning videos can be addictive!


So, to save you time, we’ve tried and tested a few TikTok cleaning hacks that have been circulating to find those worth following (and those that aren’t). From a new way to clean windows, to a bizarre toilet cleaning craze, to washing walls with fabric softener, here’s our take on some CleanTok trends just in time for spring cleaning.


Stretch-Free Swiffer Hack for Windows

This hack uses a standard Swiffer floor mop with a microfibre cloth in place of their standard dusting cloth. Spray the window cleaner of your choice on the surface and using your Swiffer floor mop, clean just like a professional window cleaner.

Our Takeaway: This TikTok tip is a life changer. No more awkward stretching and bending to get your windows clean. Make it more efficient by using one half of the microfibre cloth to clean the window (leaving the other half just hanging). Then, shift the microfibre cloth to use the dry half to buff windows free of streaks. This CleanTok hack works great on mirrors too!


The Colourful Toilet Overload

Perhaps one of the most popular trends in the genre is cleaning toilets with as many products as possible. Creators stack multiple cleaning products into the toilet bowl for the ultimate clean.

Our Takeaway: This TikTok tip is dangerous. While it may be colourfully artistic, mixing random chemicals can be highly toxic! We do not recommend this hack. All you need is a good toilet brush and the toilet bowl cleaner of your choice. White vinegar and baking soda are effective alternatives. For a deep clean, reduce the water level in the bowl and take off the toilet seat to clean those places where dirt and grime can get trapped.


Fabric Softener on the Walls

Washing the walls is one of those cleaning tasks often forgotten, but should be included in your spring-cleaning efforts. One CleanTok creator advises viewers to mix 1 part fabric softener with 3 parts water in a spray bottle to clean walls. This popular hack has different iterations, many passed down over generations.

Our Takeaway: Unfortunately, this TikTok tip makes your walls dirtier in the long run. While walls may look clean (and smell fabulous), fabric softener leaves a residue that will attract more dirt and dust over time. Better to combine equal parts vinegar and water (with a few drops of your favourite essential oil). Spray and wipe down with a microfibre cloth for walls that sparkle.