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Getting organized doesn’t have to be costly. We found many amazing organizational hacks using a few items at your local dollar store!

Getting Organized on a Budget
Do you struggle to keep organized? Sometimes staying on top of clutter can seem like a 24-hour, never-ending chore. While a regular cleaning routine is the first step, sometimes the answer is setting up the right system. Who was it that said, “a place for everything and everything in its place?” It’s actually good and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Set up your own simple organizational systems with a few key items from the dollar store.
Always difficult to store, parchment paper, plastic wrap, and tinfoil are quickly organized in a magazine holder.

Soda can storage bins can be used to organize canned goods in the pantry – quickly taking a shelf from chaos to order.

A suction-cup sponge holder reduces clutter in the fridge. Perfect for condiment packets and cheese sticks!

Tired of cord chaos? Corral them with eyeglass cases. Found in the mixed housewares aisle, grab one for chargers, aux cords, and any other loose cord. Label clearly with a sharpie and put them in a drawer for easy access.

Book rings are very versatile! Great for holding hair elastics. You can also clip them to hangers in your closet to organize scarves or on a hook to hang sunglasses.

Magnetic envelopes are another good find. Use them in the laundry room, attached to the side of your dryer to store dryer sheets.

Looking for a way to clean up toys? A dollar store pop-up hamper is a quick and easy solution and comes in many different colours.

How about a solution for loose crayons? Sometimes the lid of the box rips off or you only want to take a few colours away on a trip or to a restaurant, a soap travelling case is a perfect size!