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Here are some new and exciting ways to use old items in your home:

  • An ice cube tray: An ice cube tray can be used to organize your jewelry or craft materials. It can even be used to make healthy frozen yogurt snacks. Simply place your favourite yogurt into each cube compartment with a popsicle stick, freeze and eat.
  • A shoe organizer: A simple over the door shoe organizer can be used to store your cleaning supplies. Organize each product according to use, and place them in their designated cubby. This simple trick will help you save space and time.
  • A pool noodle: Store your tall winter boots with ease, by cutting an old pool noodle to the height of your boot. Place the noodle inside your boot and store. This trick will help keep your boots upright, making them easier to store.
  • Aluminum foil: Use an old piece of aluminum foil to scrub your pots. Simply crumple the aluminum foil into a ball and scrub away!