Fall For A Clean House: Get Everyone to Help's featured image

When it comes to schedules, summer is such a bittersweet time. Children love their time off, but they often fall behind in their chores and it seems the house is always a mess.

The good news is that fall is a perfect time to change all that. With kids heading ‘back to school’, everyone’s timetable is a little more rigid, and that’s when a house-cleaning schedule makes the most sense. In fact, creating a Family Cleaning Calendar will encourage children to clean up after themselves and teach them what happens when they don’t.

How to create a calendar? Make a list of all the chores that need to be done (and that kids can help with), and write a family member’s name beside each one. An erasable chalk board works really well for this. Be sure to hang it in a central location, usually the kitchen or front hallway so everyone can read it.

You’re teaching kids. This is a great way to show children that everyone’s actions in the family influence the actions of another. If they don’t clean up immediately after themselves or if they don’t do their chores, then they risk creating more work for someone else. And, if someone doesn’t clean up, then maybe your child will have more work on cleaning day.

Mix up the chores, make them daily and weekly, and be sure to rotate yourself into the schedule as well. Every week shift the responsibilities.

Add a little incentive. Build in an allowance for kids, or a special treat, as payment for the chores.