Find New Storage Space you didn’t know you had's featured image

Clearing clutter is actually the starting point to keeping the house clean. And it’s easier than you think to strike it from your house cleaning checklist. Once you get rid of the things you don’t use anymore, take a second look at how you are organizing items in your closets, etc. Here are great storage tips and tricks from the cleaning services experts at MOLLY MAID.

1. GIFT WRAP STORAGE SOLUTION:  Store rolls of gift wrap by securing two flexible wires across the closet ceiling – about 4 inches down from the ceiling should be sufficient space.

2. HANG UP YOUR SPRAY BOTTLES:  Double the storage space under your sink by installing a tension rod – and using it to hang up all your spray bottles.

3. ORGANIZE PERSONAL CARE ITEMS:  Place a magnetic strip on the inside of your bathroom vanity door and use it to store tweezers, bobby pins and other small essentials.

Condos can be especially hard to declutter; read some tips for effectively cleaning your condo from the experts at MOLLY MAID to make it easier. Don’t have to time to declutter your condo? Don’t worry, just submit a service inquiry online to MOLLY MAID and our cleaning experts will come to you to provide you with a free in-home estimate.