Microfibre Cloths Reign Supreme's featured image

Ditch the kitchen sponge once and for all. Here are six reasons why microfibre cloths should be your go-to cleaning cloth.

1. Absorbency: Made from polyester and nylon, microfibre cloths contain very fine fibres which allow them to hold dirt and water more effectively than any other standard cotton cloth or sponge.

2. Charge: The fine fibres found in microfibre cloths produce a positive static charge, which allows them to pick up negatively charged particles like dirt and grime. In fact, dirt and dust particles remain trapped within the fibres of the cloth until it is laundered.

3. Economical/Resilient: Microfibre cloths are durable, reusable, and can be purchased in bulk. In fact, the average microfibre cloth lasts about 500 or more washes, whereas a traditional cloth lasts less than half the number of washes.

4. Convenience: Microfibre cloths can be easily laundered in cold water with normal laundry detergent. Make sure to wash microfibre cloths separately from other garments. Never use fabric softener when cleaning microfibre cloths as this decreases their effectiveness.

5. MOLLY MAID approved: MOLLY MAID uses three different microfibre cloths when cleaning homes to avoid cross contamination and to provide a superior clean for our customers across Canada!