Five Simple Habits for a Tidier Home's featured image

If you want to achieve a tidier home, once and for all, look no further. The following habits will help you achieve the neat and organized home you’ve always wanted. Here’s how:

  1. Wake up early 

In most homes, early mornings provide little to no distractions. Phones aren’t ringing, and your children and pets are fast asleep. Studies reveal that the earlier you wake up, the more you get accomplished. Begin the routine of waking up early, and see just how much you can get done!

  1. Make your bed  

Make your bed every morning. Although it seems trivial, making your bed truly sets the tone for your entire day because achieving that one goal, in this case, a tidy bed, will create a domino effect for more goals to be accomplished that day, however big or small.

  1. Write to-do lists

Making a to-do list may not bring immediate order to a chaotic household, but there’s no denying order will happen if you keep at it. Taking time to lay out your day, your week and your month keeps you focused and more productive. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying then crossing off an item on your to-do list.

  1. Put it in your calendar

Just like you schedule your appointments, cleaning your home won’t occur unless you schedule time to do it. Every person is different; some people like to clean in 3-4 hour periods, while others like to clean for shorter periods every day. Figure out what time structure works best for you, and implement it for cleaning your home.

  1. Learn to say no thank you

A quick glance around your home will likely reveal 5-10 ‘gift’ items you no longer need. A pile of weekly newspapers or magazine subscriptions, a bag of hand me downs that are just too big for you or that old table from your mother that doesn’t fit in your home. Although well intentioned, those gifts usually end up taking up more space than providing good use. Avoid this type of clutter by allowing yourself to say no thank you to gifts you do not need.