Five Things you should Clean Before going to Bed's featured image
  1. Clean up the dishes: Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash dishes in a mix of warm water and dish soap, or give them a thorough rinse before putting them into the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, run it on a normal cycle once everyone has gone to bed.
  2. Put out a fresh kitchen dish cloths: People often forget to change and wash their kitchen dish cloths on a regular basis. Kitchen dish cloths often become contaminated with bacteria due to cross contamination of food in your kitchen. To eliminate bacteria, place your dirty dish cloths into a pot of boiling water. Boil dish cloths for 15 minutes to remove any mold, mildew and bacteria. Once cooled, remove the dish cloths from the pot and launder as normal.
  3. Organize the front hallway: Tidy shoes, hang up coats, put away items left in the front hallway and sweep daily to keep the front hallway clean. This will help prevent dirt and dust from being tracked throughout the rest of your home.
  4. Wipe the bathroom sink: After you brush your teeth, give the sink a quick wipe with a damp microfibre cloth.
  5. Put away your clothes: We know that it is easier to just toss your clothes into a pile as you get ready for bed. Take the time to put your dirty clothes in the hamper and fold or hang any clean clothes to free up floor space, and discourage dust bunnies in your bedroom.