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It seems that no matter what problem we have, there’s a specialist to help us get through the issue. A life coach can help us figure out how to make our dreams come true, a headhunter can help us find the perfect job, and a family therapist can help us with the bumps we face when we can’t solve the problems on our own. But, to date, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can help us when we have the very bad habit of throwing our clothes on the floor instead of storing them properly. It may be time for extreme measures – nothing profane, we promise!

The D-Words:  Declutter & Donate

A lot of people get overwhelmed with their closets because they simply have too many things. Do you really wear all 15 pairs of jeans, or are there just two or three you wear over and over? Decluttering may not be your forte, so ask a close friend, or a favourite relative to hold your hand through the process. It also helps to have a firm date when the items need to be ready to go. Call a charity like Cystic Fibrosis to request your free home collection. On the morning of, all you need to do is place all your donations in plastic bags marked with the letters CP.

A great tip for paring down your wardrobe is, hanging your clothes backwards in your closet. Every time you wear and wash your clothes, replace the hanger the right way in your closet. After some time, check to see what clothes you wore and what you didn’t by separating those clothes on hangers going the right way versus backwards. The clothes you haven’t worn can be sent off to donate!

The H-Words: Hangers, Hooks & Habits

Mess isn’t always entirely our fault. Modern condos and homes are nice, but often, the minimalist architectural design means there’s very few closets, built-in shelving or storage options. Flip through design magazines, pace up and down the aisles of hardware and interior design shops and get ideas for hanging options like hooks, racks and multipurpose hangers. Keep trying new set ups until you find a system that helps you instill tidy habits.

The F-Word: Freedom!

After you’ve decluttered, donated, hung everything up, and stuck to your new habits you will find a freedom you never expected. You will get compliments and you’ll feel a sense of ease that comes from a tidy and ordered bedroom. You yourself may be a very tidy person, but it doesn’t mean your child(ren) will inherently possess your organized ways. It’s challenging to try and teach your partner, roommate or children how to avoid a floordrobe, but if you’re patient and in it for the long run, the rewards will bring you freedom too!

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Photo by Roberto Nickson