Fun? Yeah! How to Keep Your Kids in the Game of Cleaning – Part 2's featured image

When your little ones start whining about having to help with the cleaning chores, the home cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest you keep everything fun – with more cleaning games! It's a good lesson about the importance of cleanliness around the house, and it's fun!

Why not give these games a try?

  • Shoot for the Hoops: Set up a laundry basket and ask your children to sort the socks. When they have found a pair, have them fold one into the other (to create a ball) and practice their free throws! Tally to see who gets the most in the basket.
  • Dust for Coins: Hide some coins around the house and ask your children to do some dusting. When they come across a coin they can keep it once that area has been dusted.
  • Fashion Show: Ask your children to walk down the catwalk and model clothes that they haven't worn in a while. After each turn, vote on which clothes stay in the wardrobe and which clothes get donated.
  • Race Against Time: Name a specific task such as collecting all of the dirty clothes off the floor, and set a time limit. If kids complete the task in time, reward them with an extra 10 minutes of playtime before bed.