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It’s easy to waste away time online; watching YouTube videos, surfing the internet, watching your favourite series on Netflix and writing emails.

But the air is warm, the sun is shining, and you really should take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

Here are 6 reasons to get offline for a while this summer:

Learn to Paddle Board. A popular sport, paddle boarding involves standing on a surfboard and using a long paddle to move across the water. This is a great way to not only spend time out on the water on a hot day, but also get a full body workout. Take a few lessons first to learn the basics, and then paddle away!

Clean your Windows. There is nothing like having clean windows whether you are looking from the inside out, or vice versa. Washing both sides of the window is key. When cleaning the inside of your window, spray glass cleaner sparingly on the surface. Using a microfibre cloth, wipe the window horizontally until clean and dry. When cleaning the outside of your window, start by dusting and cleaning the window sill and trim. Next, wipe the glass using the same method as you did inside, but wipe the window vertically rather than horizontally. Cleaning in opposite directions makes it easier to determine which side the streaks are on.  When you’re done, have a glass of iced tea on the front porch and enjoy the view!

Discover your City. Make a date with a friend to go on a walking tour of a neighbourhood that you aren’t familiar with. Be open-minded and explore both shops and open spaces; it’s amazing what you will find. Stop for lunch or a drink on the patio.

Try Something New. Visit a seasonal market in town or a neighbourhood grocery store and buy a vegetable you’re not too familiar with – and learn how to cook it. For example, Bok Choy cut into several pieces, marinated in a light dressing, and grilled, is delicious! Have you ever tried leeks on their own rather than sliced in another dish? Brush leeks with 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Place over direct, medium heat on the barbecue and grill, turning occasionally until lightly browned. Yum!

Have a Picnic. Plan a picnic and get to your location by bicycle. This is most fun when you do it with friends or family. Choose picnic foods that do not need to be kept cold or hot. Simple is best: a baguette, cheese, fruit, homemade cookies and a thermos of juice or another refreshment are perfect for a picnic lunch!

Relaxation. Put on some sunscreen, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, put on your sunglasses and relax into a comfortable chair in your backyard.