Gifts to Make Christmas More Meaningful's featured image

We often forget that Christmas is about more than just giving the coolest gifts of the season. Instead of purchasing a tangible gift for that special someone, try one of these methods instead.

  • Support the community. There are many ways to help out and spread joy in your community. For example, you can volunteer with your family and friends at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, bake cookies for the neighbourhood bake sale, donate to a food bank, make an ice rink for the kids in your community or volunteer at a retirement or long-term care facility.
  • Give your time. There is nothing more precious than giving someone the gift of time. There are many people in your life who would love to spend more time with you or could use some extra help now and again. Gift an elderly aunt with snow shovelling for the season. Drive your neighbour who doesn’t have a car to the grocery store to do her shopping. Bake cookies or make a pot of soup for a sick friend.
  • Give the gift of an experience. Instead of purchasing a physical gift, gift your friends and family with an experience that you can enjoy together. For example, purchase tickets for your mom for that Cirque De Soleil show she has been dying to see. Treat a friend to high tea at a fancy hotel. Get concert tickets for you and your sister to enjoy together. Plan breakfast in bed for your husband. Surprise the family with a vacation. Although these aren’t tangible gifts, the experience and joy received from these activities will definitely last a life time.
  • Revise your Christmas wish-list. Instead of asking for a new scarf or the latest best-selling novel, ask your friends and family to donate to your favourite charity in your name. Their donations will go a long way in helping improve the lives of those in need.