The Best Stocking Stuffer I’ve Ever Got!

Are you looking for totally unique gifts for the foodies in your life? We implore you to load up on the unrivaled workhorse every kitchen should have: a chainmail scrubber. Of course, you’re probably thinking, “A scrubber? Really?” But trust us, this unassuming kitchen tool is a game-changer! Here’s five reasons why it makes an […]

Solutions to 3 Christmas Disasters

Keep calm and carry on! Fingers crossed you have the perfect day, but just in case, here are a few tips from MOLLY MAID to help you with any unexpected hiccups. 3 Holiday Hiccups & How to Handle Them It’s Christmas day. What’s the worst that could happen? A snowstorm? Your oven breaks? Or you […]

9 Things to Declutter Before the Holidays

You can’t decorate for the holidays without decluttering. Here are the top 10 places to focus your efforts because every celebration is much brighter in a clean space! Declutter Before Decking the Halls December is the month that ignites our holiday spirit. The spark sets us off to decorate every room in the house. But […]

Low Tech Hacks to Detangle Holiday Lights

Low Tech Hacks to Detangle Holiday Lights   Alexa, please untangle the string lights! Nope, virtual assistant tech hasn’t gotten there yet, but you can easily hack your way out of the yearly breathtaking mess. No need for blood, sweat and tears, just pick one of our DIY storage solutions. Cardboard Mount This year, hold […]

Molly Maid’s Top 5 New Year Cleaning Resolutions

Molly Maid’s Top 5 New Year Cleaning Resolutions     There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to New Year Resolutions. Promises to eat better, exercise regularly and get more sleep are noble, but we don’t stick to them for long. This year, aim higher, we guarantee a few cleaning resolutions will be more […]

‘Tis the Season of Festive Scents!

‘Tis the Season of Festive Scents!   You can instantly make a space festive with the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies, mulled wine or the forestry freshness of balsam fir. While decorations are nice, appealing to our olfactory memory is much more effective!   Fresh Greenery Nothing’s more festive than boughs of pine, cedar […]

How to Furoshiki Gift Wrap with Fabric

How to Furoshiki Gift Wrap with Fabric     The furoshiki is a square-shaped Japanese wrapping cloth that has grown in popularity in recent years. Pronounced foo-roh-shee-kee, the word breaks down to mean ‘bath spread.’ Public bathing has always been a way of life in Japan. To keep their belongings from getting mixed up with […]

Volunteering in the Community is the Best Gift

Volunteering in the Community is the Best Gift     Research shows that giving to others increases happiness, strengthens communities, and can even improve your physical health. This time of year, there are many different ways you can volunteer and help out, whether by yourself or with family. Here are some suggestions: Help the Homeless […]

Fun & Festive Tips to Prepare for Holiday Pop-Ins

Fun & Festive Tips to Prepare for Holiday Pop-Ins   One of the greatest joys of the holiday season is that friends and family tend to pop by unannounced. Whether you love surprise visits or dread them, a little pre-holiday prep will help keep your mood merry and bright. Here are five little tricks: A […]

Party’s Over. Post-holiday Cleanup Checklist

Party’s Over. Post-holiday Cleanup Checklist There’s no perfect time to take down all that’s festive and put the house back in order. But you also don’t want to leave it until the spring. Ornaments, stockings, candles and beaded garland, all need a quick dust before getting properly stowed away. The same goes for linens, holiday […]

The 2020 Holiday Waste Guide   

The 2020 Holiday Waste Guide      Recycling is not easy, especially during the holidays. While the winter holiday season brings good cheer to most people, it also brings a lot more solid waste to the landfill and harm to the environment due to the general mismanagement of items. This year, take the time to get […]

Smart Online Shopping Tips to Reduce Excess Packaging

Smart Online Shopping Tips to Reduce Excess Packaging   Online shopping has become the norm for many Canadians this year. From food to clothing to school supplies, we’ve had to alter our behaviour to stay safe. But with online shopping comes extra packaging, like air pillows and bubble wrap, and the inevitable question – which […]

5 Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays

5 Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays   The holidays can seem overwhelming at times—more so during a pandemic. All that “so much to do and so little time” sentiment can be exhausting. So, don’t let your preparations get the better of you. This year’s going to be much quieter, with no large gatherings, no office […]

How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Cookie Exchange

For many, holiday baking is as important as gift giving. If you love to bake, a wonderful way to share your scrumptious creations is by hosting a holiday cookie exchange. Not only is it a great way to share a glass of pre-holiday cheer, your cookie jar will get filled to the brim with a […]

How to Clean Delicate Tree Ornaments

If you trim the tree each holiday season, you know how priceless each and every ornament can be. Some of the most cherished decorations are those made when we’re young—out of macaroni, pipe cleaners and clay. Others are handed down from generation to generation, while some may have just caught your eye as they sparkled […]

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