9 Things to Declutter Before the Holidays's featured image

You can’t decorate for the holidays without decluttering. Here are the top 10 places to focus your efforts because every celebration is much brighter in a clean space!

Declutter Before Decking the Halls

December is the month that ignites our holiday spirit. The spark sets us off to decorate every room in the house. But wait! Before you pull the holiday bins from storage, take an hour or two to tidy them up. Quickly get through every room with our checklist.

Porch, Mudroom & Entryway
‘Tis the season for entertaining! Clear out closets, put remnants of summer and fall in storage, and lay down boot mats before hanging a wreath on the door.

Winter Gear Pile Up Zones
Over the winter break, skis, toboggans, snow shoes, and skates will be in high demand. Find ways to keep them tidy using: hooks, shelves, decorative bins, and closets.

The Fridge
Eat, drink and be merry. That’s one of the goals of the festive season, which makes it essential to clean out the fridge (and freezer) so you can restock with all things festive!

Kitchen Countertop & Cabinets
A clear surface is needed for the marathon holiday baking sessions. Pantry audits help you re-stock for those special unannounced visitors.

Guest Linens
Winter weather is unpredictable, and sudden snowstorms could have you hosting unplanned sleepovers. So organize your linen closet for unexpected guests. Guest room or pull-out couch will do.

Game Shelf & Toy Box
Kids get so many gifts this time of year. Clear out old and less popular items to make way for new games, plush stuffies, or Monster Jam Garage.

Pet Supplies
A recent study found that 60% of pet owners spoil their furry friends over the holidays. Tidy up your pet bin and throw away ratty toys and stale treats.

Holiday Decor
Ready to decorate? Before you do, a quick assessment of your holiday decor is a must. Throw away broken ornaments, used candles, and lights that don’t work. Donate items that have outgrown your set.

Wrapping Supplies
If wrapping paper is damaged or torn, recycle it or use it in lieu of bubble wrap for parcels you’re shipping. Looking for eco gift wrapping options, learn the art of Furoshiki. 


Photo by Edgar Castrejon Digital on Unsplash