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Keep calm and carry on! Fingers crossed you have the perfect day, but just in case, here are a few tips from MOLLY MAID to help you with any unexpected hiccups.

3 Holiday Hiccups & How to Handle Them

It’s Christmas day. What’s the worst that could happen? A snowstorm? Your oven breaks? Or you forget to buy a gift. People have survived these holiday hurdles and lived to tell the tale. The #1 pearl of wisdom: expect the unexpected.

Unexpected Weather
This is a very real scenario in Canada. It’s likely there will be snow and maybe ice on the day of your party or family celebration. Be prepared. You may have to cancel or invite guests to stay the night. Stock up on clean linens and borrow your neighbour’s inflatable mattress. Candles and flashlights should be easily accessible and be sure walkways are clear and free of ice.

The Oven Breaks Down
Perhaps the biggest fear of most hosts, but it can be overcome. If you have a small turkey, consider barbecuing it. You may want to spatchcock or butterfly the turkey. This is the method where you open up a turkey (or other poultry) by removing the backbone so that it lies flat. And for more adventurous holiday hosts, though we don’t recommend it, the internet claims that you can cook a turkey in the dishwasher!

Forgot to Buy a Gift
Whether it slipped your mind or someone just dropped by unexpectedly, we’ve got you covered. Wine, chocolate, or tins of homemade baking always make great gifts. Try to keep extra on hand. Gift cards can always save the day. Shoppers Drug Mart sells a huge variety in-store and online. MOLLY MAID also makes gift-giving quick and easy with downloadable gift vouchers – who wouldn’t want the precious gift of a nice clean home?


Photo by Andrew Te Digital on Unsplash