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Low Tech Hacks to Detangle Holiday Lights


Alexa, please untangle the string lights! Nope, virtual assistant tech hasn’t gotten there yet, but you can easily hack your way out of the yearly breathtaking mess. No need for blood, sweat and tears, just pick one of our DIY storage solutions.

Cardboard Mount

This year, hold back on tossing all the holiday boxes into the recycling bin. Cut cardboard to the size of a magazine or placemat, then cut 1-inch slits across the top and do the same on the bottom. This is to secure your light strand and keep it from unraveling. Slip one end of the light strand into the top left slit and carefully wrap your lights around the cardboard, using slits to guide you. If your string of lights is too long to fit on one piece of cardboard, grab a second piece and continue wrapping your lights.

Paper Towel Roll

Another great way to stash smaller sets of holiday lights is on a paper towel roll. Again, put a small slit in top and bottom and wrap lights around the roll, slipping ends of strand in slits to prevent unraveling. If storing on a shelf, a paper towel roll stand may come in handy. Allowing you to store them vertically to maximize storage space.

Plastic Hanger

This method has the added benefit of a built-in hook: all you need is a plastic hanger! Starting at one end of the hanger, begin wrapping the string of lights. As you wrap your way across the hanger to the other end, try to avoid overlap. If your string of lights is too long to fit on one hanger, grab a second hanger and continue wrapping your lights.

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