Holiday Gift Wrapping: Surprising Ways to Keep it Tidy's featured image

Spending time with family, entertaining friends and eating delicious food are what the Christmas season is all about! Focus less on the mess this holiday season by organizing your holiday gift wrapping station using these clever tips from the experts at MOLLY MAID.

Keeps Rolls Rolled Up: Are your rolls of wrapping paper leaning into the corner of your dining room; the paper unraveling, the ends ripped or crinkled? Don’t stress! A few toilet paper rolls are all you need. Toilet paper rolls make a fabulous sleeve that will help prevent your wrapping paper from unraveling. Simply cut a length-wise slit into two toilet paper rolls and slip one toilet paper roll over the top end of the wrapping paper and the second over the bottom end.

Keep Wrapping Paper Organized: Now that we have secured the wrapping paper so it can be used again next year, it’s important to store it in an organized fashion for easy access. Our solution: place your wrapping paper rolls into a garment bag and hang it in the closet! This will help keep things neat and tidy. Scissors and tape can be left in the bottom of the bag as well, creating a handy, and easily mobile, wrapping station for everyone to use.

Keep Gift Bags Neat and Tidy: Holiday wrapping paper isn’t the only packaging tool used to conceal the perfect Christmas present. Gift bags are also a great method of wrapping a gift. Although convenient to quickly contain gifts, holiday bags can also make quite a mess when they aren’t organized properly. Stop disorganization in its tracks by utilizing this simple technique; all you need are a couple of magazine holders. Neatly fold each gift bag and place it into the magazine holder, grouping similar sized bags with each other – now they are organized and ready for quick access.

Dispense Ribbon like a Pro: Stack rolls of ribbon on an upright paper towel holder for the perfect solution to a highly organized and easily accessible ribbon station. If you don’t have a paper towel holder handy, a plastic storage bin with decorative holes can also act as a nifty ribbon dispenser. Simply place your ribbons onto a small dowel and place the ends of the doweling through the holes on either side of the bin. Take the end of the ribbon on each roll and thread it through the holes in the front of the container. The holes in the container will keep the ribbon from unraveling, and will make cutting the ribbon much easier.

Organize your Tissue Paper with Ease: If it’s not the holiday paper and gift bags cluttering your gift-wrapping station, then it’s the tissue paper. Sheets of tissue paper can often become ripped and crinkled if they aren’t stored correctly. To help keep it organized, carefully fold your tissue paper and place it in an accordion-style file folder. Be sure to file like colours together for easy access. Tissue paper can be re-used again and again, so keep the sheets you receive with your gift over the holidays, and add them to your file folder for future use.

Gift Tag Protector: Ensure your gift tags look as flawless as your perfectly wrapped Christmas presents by organizing them in a plastic business card sleeve. Organize similar Christmas tags together and place each group into a separate pocket. Place the plastic sleeves into a small binder for easy access, and added protection.