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The 2020 Holiday Waste Guide   


Recycling is not easy, especially during the holidays. As a greener alternative to wrapping paper, you can reuse furoshiki over and over again, and not only to wrap more gifts.While the winter holiday season brings good cheer to most people, it also brings a lot more solid waste to the landfill and harm to the environment due to the general mismanagement of items. This year, take the time to get it right. Know what waste is recyclable, what’s not and which bin to toss it into!



  • paper gift wrap
  • cards, cardboard
  • cookie tins
  • plastic disposable cups
  • aluminum trays and roasting pans


NOTE: Although we can recycle aluminum trays and roasting pans, foil wrap is NOT recyclable and should not be put in your blue bin. 



  • meat (including bones)
  • fruit & vegetables
  • cakes & cookies
  • coffee grounds, filters & tea bags
  • paper napkins and plates


NOTE: Remember it’s important to remove all food from packaging before putting it into your green bin.



  • ribbons & bows
  • foil gift wrap
  • broken dishes & glasses
  • black covered plastics
  • bubble wrap & packing peanuts


NOTE: Christmas tree collection occurs in January. It’s important to remove all tinsel, lights, decorations and plastic bags before collection.

Image by Maaark from Pixabay