HELP: How to Get Others in the House to Clean Up Too's featured image

Whether you live with family or friends, it’s important that everyone pitches in to keep the house clean. Here are some tips to get everyone doing their part.

  • Create a chore wheel with cleaning tasks that need to be done once a week (i.e. bathrooms, kitchen, family room and hallways, garbage and recycling). To create the chore wheel, cut two circles from a piece of construction paper, making one of the circles about an inch smaller, all around. Divide the smaller circle up into pie pieces, designating each piece of the pie to a specific room or task. Add a ‘free’ task to your chore wheel as well for an added bonus. Next, divide the larger circle into pie pieces and write the names of your family member or friends living with you. Make sure that the number of people matches the number or chores or tasks. Poke a hole through the centre of each circle and secure them together with a butterfly clip. Rotate the top circle clockwise each week, to switch the tasks.
  • For non-communal spaces, have each member of the household commit to keeping their own spaces clean. This can include doing their own laundry as well!
  • Show each member of the household where the cleaning supplies are stored. Invest in a cleaning caddy to make the transportation of cleaning products more efficient.
  • Make sure to praise each person for a job well done! Positive reinforcement, especially for younger children, will help them feel a sense of pride.