Helpful Tips for Decluttering your Wardrobe this Fall's featured image

Now that summer has ended, it’s time to shed your unnecessary clothes and organize your summer wardrobe. The professionals at MOLLY MAID suggest following these simple tips to help you pack away your summer clothes and make room for your fall attire.

  1. Divide your summer clothes into ‘keepers’ and ‘donations’. Don’t forget to include your flip flops as well!
  2. Pack the items you would like to donate into a box or bin and place it in the hallway. Make sure to label the box or bin for easy identification.
  3. Get rid of any articles of clothing with holes, stains or frays.
  4. If you are unsure of whether or not you would like to keep a particular piece of clothing, try it on to make sure it still fits.
  5. If it fits and you’re still having trouble deciding, ask yourself when you would wear it, and for what occasion. If you cannot answer the question, it is best to place the piece of clothing in the donations bin.
  6. If tip four and five are unsuccessful, try stripping any emotional attachment you may have for the article of clothing and be honest with yourself.
  7. Be sure to leave a few transitional outfits in your closet for those warmer fall days.
  8. Pack all of the summer clothes you would like to keep into a box or bin and place into storage.
  9. Never fall into the trap of having a ‘maybe’ pile as these stragglers will often find their way back into the wardrobe!

Reassure yourself that your new wardrobe, like the old, will acquire its own memories and experiences. There’s a whole new season to look forward to!