Home Cleaning Tips: 5 Kitchen Chores that Probably Need Doing's featured image

1. Clean the Coffee Maker: Fill the machine with up to 4 cups of white vinegar in the tank and let it stand for 30 minutes. Run a cycle with the vinegar, followed by two or three cycles with water.

2. De-grease the Stove Filter:  Have a look at the filter above the stove – if you have one. These filters can become greasy in no time. Some of them are replaceable, but you can clean them as well with a degreaser product. To clean, remove the filter (if possible) and soak in warm, soapy water. The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID say that you may need to use a degreaser product to remove built-up grease from the filter. Follow the instructions. Drip dry and replace.

3. Clean Out the Catch-all Drawer: Are you losing things in the catch-all (or 'junk') drawer again? It's time to clean it out. Remove everything and sort as you go. Anything that you do not ever use should either be donated (if it's still in good working order) or pitched in the trash. Use elastics and small containers to group items. Give items a home (maybe down at the work bench) if it would be more appropriate. Your catch-all drawer really should house items you use regularly and often.

4. Dust Under, on Top and Behind Appliances:  If you've ever moved a fridge or stove you know that plenty of dust collects behind, under and on top of these things. To dust, the best thing is to carefully move the appliance out of its spot and then vacuum the dust and wash the floor and wall. If you can't move the appliance (it's too heavy, etc.), use a long-duster to dust as far as possible. Sometimes a vacuum attachment can reach into narrow places too.

5. Organize the Spice Cabinet: Take everything out of the cupboard and as you do, decide what to keep and what to toss. Spices generally have an expiration date on them somewhere; or smell or taste them to see if they're still fresh. Empty containers into the composter if they're expired, then clean the container and either re-fill, recycle or put them into the garbage (depending on municipal rules). Clean the cabinet with hot, soapy water then dry with a clean microfibre cloth. Reorganize the spices in a way that you will remember (alphabetically, if possible).