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Gossip magazines tend to focus their glossy coverage on celebrity fashion, relationships and botox. Once in a while, a well-respected magazine like Architectural Digest will do a feature on a celebrity and we’ll get glimpses of an A-lister’s design preferences and décor.  A good example of this was in January 2018, when Jennifer Aniston allowed her home to be the cover story. What always stands out in these stars’ homes is the cleanliness and organization, leading us to ask ourselves: is there really a difference between the way regular folk clean and those living lifestyles of the rich and famous?  Find out how you can get your home as immaculate as your favorite celebrity!

No Shoes in the House or Tour Bus

Our research team confirmed that actor Tom Cruise and singer Harry Styles are obsessed, compulsively, with the “no shoes in the house” policy. Removing shoes worn outside is a custom long integrated into the Japanese culture. The custom sprang from the fact that many Japanese people slept on rolled out mats, and they wanted to ensure the floor was always clean when the mats were rolled out.  So next time you have guests over, gently remind them that taking off their shoes upon entry is both an age-old tradition, and one that their favorite celebrities adhere to. Tom and Harry are not alone in their “no shoes in the house” demand – many of us have adopted the custom for years.  The only difference is that they both have a budget for an endless supply of guest slippers!

Papa Don’t Preach

Although Madonna’s famous for being one of the world’s most extravagant celebrities, you’d be quite surprised to learn that the mega rich material girl happens to be obsessed with tidiness. When her now adult kids were small, she would not allow them to leave their clothes thrown on the floor. Who could blame her? No parent in their right mind feels joy when their child’s bedroom floor is nothing but a pile of clothes. We’ll gladly sing along to the self-proclaimed control freak’s demands any day! Remember to make tidy up time part of your habit, so that it becomes second nature.

Pride of Ownership

First, there was Martha Stewart, who taught us everything there was to know about proper housekeeping. Sharing helpful tips and shortcuts on house cleaning, while also making a 20-layer wedding cake, seemed easy-peasy. Actor, cookbook now author and clean-living ambassador Gwyneth Paltrow, is following in her footsteps, turning her wellness lifestyle into a multimillion-dollar empire. Sure, they’re both mega rich and can afford all manner of in-house cleaning staff, the best cleaning equipment and the most exquisite eco cleaning products, but in the end, cleaning is cleaning. These two women remind us that by dedicating time and spreading lots of elbow grease on our humble abodes they, too, can sparkle brightly.

Clean Before the Maid Arrives

Scarlett Johansson apparently cleans up each and every hotel room she stays in, so there’s no mess for the maid. This shouldn’t be shocking to us, or even considered bizarre diva behaviour. Why would anyone actually enjoy staying in a messy hotel room? Obviously, punk and rock & roll bands have other views on hotel rooms and cleaning. If you’re looking for tips on keeping your hotel room tidy, check out this blog post.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba