How Safe is your Can Opener?'s featured image

Where would we be without our trusty can opener? Used during food prep, the can opener is a popular tool found in many kitchens and is often the deciding factor as to whether or not a restaurant receives a passing grade during a health inspection.

Surprisingly enough, the can opener is one of the first items a health inspector checks when inspecting a restaurant for cleanliness. It may not be our first priority when cleaning items in our kitchen, but it should be on the list. Can openers can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. These devices are exposed to food every time it’s used; getting bits of food stuck on its blade and wheels.

Left unwashed, the can opener quickly becomes unsanitary, leading to the growth of bacteria, and often rust. An unwashed can opener can also result in the cross-contamination of bacteria to other items in your kitchen.

The solution? Clean your can opener after every use with a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water. To ensure you have removed every last bit of food from your can opener, fold a piece of wax paper into quarters, clamp down on the paper and give your opener a few twists. The wax paper will not only help dislodge any debris stuck on the blades, but the wax coating on the paper will provide lubrication to the mechanism to keep it working well!