How to Avoid Dead Lighters's featured image

Sadly, many pocket and multipurpose lighters are not refillable. If you’re trying to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some things you can do to avoid non-refillable lighters:

Go Flameless

No joke. The new electric lighters are flameless, windproof and rechargeable via USB. This is the ultimate modern day camping companion!

Go Vintage or Antique

Shop estate sales, shop garage sales or shop online for vintage and antique rechargeable lighters. ‘Collectible lighters,’ ‘cigarette lighters’ and ‘cigar lighters’ are popular words to Google.

Go Wooden

Using wooden matches is another simple option. You can buy them at the grocery store, gas station, camping outlet and at the dollar store. Wooden matches are not convenient for outdoor adventures but it never hurts to have a small box in your emergency kit. Wooden matches have made a resurgence in the last ten years. Even high-end home decor boutiques sell them in beautifully designed boxes. Make sure to let them cool overnight, and only then toss them in the compost bin.


Perhaps one of the most common uses for lighters in the household is for lighting incense and candles to rid your space of stale scents and clean the air. Make sure you follow our tips to ensure you always have a lighter on hand! With proper cleaning techniques, from our cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID, your home will be sparkling clean and smelling fresh! Contact us today for your local MOLLY MAID representative, for more on details on pricing and more!




Photo by Yevgeniy Gradov