Clean Up Your Wordle Now!

Clean up your Wordle Now!   Has the Wordle craze swept you up too?  Created by software engineer Josh Wardle, for his partner who loves games, Wardle said he wanted Wordle to feel like a croissant. “A delightful snack that’s enjoyed occasionally. Enjoyed too often,” he explained, “and they lose their charm.” Minimal by design, […]

Chuckle-worthy Quotes for Your Household Chores

Chuckle-worthy Quotes for Your Household Chores     We all have a love-hate relationship with cleaning and organization. On one hand, it’s fulfilling and creates a sense of calm, but on the other it’s hard work and takes up too much time. Some days we win the battle of procrastination and other days we don’t. […]

Hectic Household? These 3 Cleaning Apps Might Help

Hectic Household? These 3 Cleaning Apps Might Help   While Covid-19 has slowed things down a bit, there is hope that life will soon return to some kind of normal as more and more people receive their vaccination. So, if dreams of hockey practice, ballet recitals, returning to the gym, drinks after work, concerts, movies […]

Household Chores Guaranteed to Burn Calories (and Increase Steps)

Household Chores Guaranteed to Burn Calories (and Increase Steps)   The warmer weather always brings with it the urge to increase fitness, but with gyms temporarily closed people are forced to find ways to train and inspire themselves at home. Take the fierce and friendly Fitbit challenge, this trend has family, friends and workmates competing […]

7 Things to Get You Up & Out of the House (While it’s Being Cleaned)

7 Things to Get You Up & Out of the House (While it’s Being Cleaned) You’ve made the call and the date is set! Our cleaning experts are scheduled to come and clean your home. Visions of squeaky clean countertops, super shiny floors (clean enough to eat off), and spotlessly scrubbed bathrooms have you grinning […]

Reduce Static Build-up in Your Home

Reduce Static Build-up in Your Home   Winter and static electricity go hand in hand. As the temperature drops, your clothes start sticking to you, your hair has a mind of its own, and suddenly you seem to shock just about everyone you touch. Winter conditions provide the perfect storm for static buildup – it’s […]

Get a Better Burn with a Little Candle Know-how

Get a Better Burn with a Little Candle Know-how   Let’s be honest, nothing sets the mood quicker than a flickering candle or two. It warms the soul whether you’re curled up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa, snuggled in for a family movie marathon on a Sunday […]

The Wild and Wacky Life of a French Press

For minimalists, repurposing-mavens, and those of us who receive gifts we’re never going to use, there’s no greater feeling than the aha moment of figuring out how to turn one household item into two, or more items. There are classic maneuvers like using empty tin cans to organize pens, markers etc, or turning a vintage […]

Giving Your Household Plants a Spa Day 101

Spring seems to have finally wrestled the thermometer from winter’s cold hands! It’s time to shed some layers, breathe deeply and get outdoors. Many are already enthusiastically drafting plans for raised flowerbeds, regular flowerbeds, container gardens and hanging pots. But, don’t forget the living greenery inside your home. These little gems have kept you going […]

Don’t Throw your Pennies in the Garbage!

In 2012, Canada’s Economic Action Plan included a clean-up of its currency production, specifically, phasing out the penny. Why go after the noble penny, we all wondered? Well, it turns out that by stopping its production, taxpayers were going to save $11 million dollars a year! So, in February 2013, The Royal Canadian Mint stopped […]

How to Avoid Dead Lighters

Sadly, many pocket and multipurpose lighters are not refillable. If you’re trying to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some things you can do to avoid non-refillable lighters: Go Flameless No joke. The new electric lighters are flameless, windproof and rechargeable via USB. This is the ultimate modern day camping companion! Go Vintage or Antique […]

How to Maximize Your Toiletries

If you share a home with roommates or children, the toiletry situation is likely out of hand. Different shampoos and conditioners for every different hair type, two or more almost-empty toothpaste tubes littering the vanity, and sometimes up to a dozen half-used containers of face and body cream. Here’s how the frugalistas get more bang […]

How to Clean a Dollhouse

Whether you’re cleaning a luxury condo, a chic bungalow, or even a dollhouse (yes, you read that right), the end goal is the same: bust the dust, tame the clutter and make the whole place feel shiny and new. But the greatest advantage of cleaning a miniature home is that you can remove everything off […]

Purge Plastic in the Kitchen with Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Organic man-made plastic was first invented in 1855. Cheap, strong and durable, it was seen as some kind of indestructible wonder material. Unfortunately, its indestructible nature is why it has now become a problem. Scientists have recently estimated the amount of plastic created worldwide since 1950 to be 8.3 billion metric tons! Of course, the […]

Time to Clean-up your Sleep Habits

Having trouble sleeping? If so, it may be time to change your sleeping routine. Here are five ways to clean-up your sleeping habits to ensure a better sleep. Get rid of electronics: If you fall asleep to a TV show, or sleep with your cellphone on your bedside table, you’ll likely find it difficult to […]

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