How to Clean a Spiralizer's featured image

Spiralizers have come a long way in cost and ease of use, and right now they can be found in most homes across Canada. Some companies have taken the vegetable noodle concept one step further by offering electric and manual machines with different blades which produce anything from thin spiral slices to julienne noodles to thicker spirals that look like curly fries. With vegetarian and vegan diets on the rise, more and more households are jumping on board. Like most kitchen appliances, the trick to keeping a spiralizer in tip-top shape is to clean it properly. Here are three easy cleaning tip from the cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID:

Dishwasher Safe

Luckily, all of the spiralizer’s detachable parts are dishwasher safe. To protect the bladed parts as well as the dishwashing machine, make sure to load everything into the upper rack or if you’re lucky to have one, the cutlery rack.

Hand Wash Safe

If you prefer to hand wash the spiralizer’s detachable parts, including the blades, use the quick rinse and dry method. The spiralizer blades are extremely sharp, so you don’t want to put them into a large bubbly sink for fear of getting cut. Instead rinse each part separately and brush away vegetable peel and veggie starch with a soap dispensing dish brush. Rinse thoroughly, dry and put parts back into the spiralizer body. If you have a brush with coarser bristles, you can get a deeper clean without risking injury! Use this brush after soaping the spiralizer down to take off any major debris or food particles left behind.

Handheld Spiralizer

If space is an issue, a handheld spiralizer is a fantastic option. As with its heavy-duty machine-like cousin, handheld spiralizers are dishwasher safe and handwash safe. Just make sure to thoroughly dry the blades to avoid possible rusting and remember that these pint-sized space savers might have limitations due to their convenient size!

For more tips on hard to clean kitchen appliance such as your toaster, click here for more fun and helpful cleaning tips. After you tackle your kitchen, you can focus on cleaning the rest of your home. Contact MOLLY MAID today to get a sparkling clean kitchen, space and more!



Photo by Pexels