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January is notorious for its lack of fun, as typically on the first day of the new year people declare all manner of new regimens and intentions. Frugality and fitness are highly popular, but nothing beats everyone’s desire to cleanse and curb all-things-food. It’s like everyone chooses to slam the door on the delicious indulgences of December to make way for, well, health and good habits. So that means Sunday morning waffles are on hold(!) – at least until February. Time to give the waffle maker a deep clean. Here are three waffle maker cleaning rules to live by:

Rule #1:  Do Not Place in the Dishwasher

Although it may seem ludicrous to tell you that waffle makers can’t be run through the dishwasher, we’re going to say it anyway because your safety is our concern. Plus, the internet would have you believe that everything can be tossed in the dishwasher.  So please do not place your waffle maker in the dishwasher – it has been known to happen.

Before getting started on the waffle maker deep clean, unplug the appliance, and if you’ve used it earlier, ensure it’s been completely cool for a few hours. Next, using a damp microfibre cloth, add a drop or two of liquid dish soap, and wipe the outside of the waffle maker. There will be dry crusted batter in hard to reach places. Use an old toothbrush to remove hard-to-wipe residue, or a toothpick to chip away any layers caked up in small crevices. You will need to wash and wring out your microfibre cloth many times before the waffle maker is free of oily residue. Make sure to give the electric cord, handle, and knobs a thorough wipe down too. Waffle makers with plastic covers don’t need to be buffed. Stainless steel versions can be buffed using a dry microfibre cloth.

Rule #2:  Do Not Ignore the Puddles of Butter & Non-Stick Spray

Waffle plates are like our favourite wool sweater – they can be reused over and over and over, with little to no cleaning. Eventually though, they need a good wash. Waffle plates (where the batter goes) can be made of many different types of material including non-stick Teflon coating, aluminum cast grids or cast iron. Ensure the waffle maker has cooled for at least two hours before cleaning. Clean waffle plates by wiping away butter, non-stick spray and greasy build up with a dry microfibre cloth. Remove crumbs and any dried pieces of batter. Wipe down with a damp microfibre cloth, no soap needed. Dry thoroughly with another dry microfibre cloth. Ta Da! You’re 99% done!

Rule #3:  Do Not Forget About the Drip Trays

Some, not all, waffle makers come with drip trays. Unlike all the other parts of the waffle maker, the drip trays can be run through the dishwasher!

Pro Tip: Our endless research about waffle makers revealed this secret…for the sweetest possible waffle recipe, add pearl sugar to the batter. Upon contact with the hot griddle the sugar will immediately melt, creating a crispy, sugary layer on the outside of the waffle. Yum, right?! We know, nothing sweet in January but come February, rent, borrow or ‘steal’ a heart-shaped waffle maker for a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast.



Photo by Pietro De Grandi