How to Clean and Organize your Purse's featured image

Have trouble finding your keys or your lipstick? An organized purse will save you time. Here are 9 tips that will help:

  • Dump everything out of your purse onto a table or kitchen counter. Divide the contents into piles: makeup, personal items (gum, aspirin), credit cards, loyalty cards, feminine products, keys, cell phone, pens/pencils, cash, sunglasses, etc.
  • Does your purse need to be cleaned? Check the inside and the outside, just to make sure. Heavy cloth purses can be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine, while leather-like purses should just be wiped with a very slightly damp microfibre cloth.
  • Ready to put items back inside? Determine what built-in storage areas you can use for some of the items. For example, there’s often a small cell phone pocket. Also, gather small containers, such as zippered pouches, small plastic bags and glasses cases, and use them for various items.
  • Put makeup in a small zippered makeup bag. Now it’s easy to grab when you want a quick touch-up. This also protects lip gloss from bursting open and getting over the interior of your purse.
  • Put coins into a small purse or a wallet’s zippered pouch. Keep minimal coins though, because they add so much weight.
  • Can you use your cell phone case to store a credit card and loyalty cards? Find a wallet that will carry a bunch of cards, including credit cards and ID cards.
  • Store any medications in a small daily vitamin storage box. Mark each reservoir with a magic marker, indicating what’s stored where. If possible, stow this in a zipped area of your purse, along with other personal hygiene items.
  • Create some habits about purse storage. For example, store receipts in your wallet every time, so you’re not fishing through your purse and getting papercuts! Put coins in the same place every time. Determine where you will put keys – and always use the same place.
  • Clean your purse of ‘junk’ at the end of every week. This way your organized purse will stay that way.