How to Clean the BBQ without a Wire Brush's featured image

You’ve probably heard the dangers of individuals accidentally ingesting the metal bristles of their wire BBQ brush. This can happen when the small, sharp bristles break off the wire brush during cleaning and get stuck in the food that is being grilled.

Protect yourself and your family, ditch that wire brush once and for all, and use these alternative cleaning products instead. Always make sure the grill is completely cooled before using the tools below:

  • Wooden paddle scrapper: The wooden paddle scraper works exactly like a paint scraper. It is made with custom grooves to help you effectively clean your grill grates.
  • Grill cleaning blocks: These commercial products form to the surface of your grill, allowing you to clean between the grates. They are chemical free and made from a recycled material.
  • Nylon bristle brush: The brush looks and works like a standard grill brush but has a replaceable metal scouring pad instead of hard wire bristles.