How to Clean Up as our Cats Age's featured image

This is not a cocktail party conversation, but it’s life, and it happens more than people care to discuss. When cats age, they start to pee in all the wrong places. It’s hard emotionally and it’s a brutal clean up job. Without further ado, here’s your must-do to thrive during these dark times:


Every time your cat pees in the corner, on your bed, or on your favourite pair of shorts you have to act fast! White vinegar, baking soda, concentrated lemon juice, tea tree essential oil, paper towels, old rags, microfibre cloths, dishwashing soap and elbow grease must be on hand at all times. As soon as you notice (or smell) a new situation, pounce on the problem. The number one way that you’ll win this endless war, and still maintain some sense of compassion, is if you can clean up quickly.


No matter how smart our feline friends are, they will never understand or heed our pleas, and they will never learn to read. So, the only thing left to do is set up boundaries for them. If you’re worried about antique furniture, designer clothes, delicate bedding and pillows in your bedroom perhaps it’s time to make your bedroom, or other precious rooms off limits. It’s a very difficult decision, but cats will pee in some hard to detect places. You don’t want to discover that this has happened to an heirloom and be in a situation where it’s just too late to clean up, or salvage a precious item.


When left unchecked, the stench of cat urine is nothing short of repulsive. If you leave it too long, it will soak into floorboards and fibres and be close to impossible to remove. Every time you clean up an accident, clean hard. Dry up the problem, clean, and deodorize. And then make sure you place a fan near the area to help it dry quickly. Open windows whenever possible to help with air circulation.


Spend more time with your feline friends, and let us take care of hard work. If you need some extra help keeping on top of your chores and maintaining a sparkling home, then just find your local MOLLY MAID and schedule a one-time clean or a set up a regular cleaning schedule. Our services are reliable, consistent and affordable!


Photo by Jae Park