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Some people are rich in love, others rich in money, and then there’s the people rich in inherited oddities like zebra hide furnishings. Wondering how to extend the life of the zebra hide ottoman and footstool your globetrotting Aunt just left you? Read on!

Vacuum Treatment

You will need a soft brush attachment to vacuum your zebra hide furniture and/or rug. Only vacuum in one direction. To dislodge crumbs and other dried debris, squish the matter with your fingers. Aim to break up clumps so they crumble.

DIY Vacuum Attachment

If you don’t have a soft brush attachment, attach pantyhose to the end of the vacuum wand. Be gentle. Avoid scraping the hide. This DIY version isn’t sucking dust and debris into the vacuum, so wipe the panty-hosed end with a microfibre cloth every few minutes.

Soft Brush Treatment

Your zebra hide ottoman, stool and rug do need some TLC. Once in a while, you will need to brush the hide. Hardware stores, antique rug boutiques and even the dollar store sells very soft brushes. Ideally, brush the zebra hide monthly so it doesn’t get flat and dull.

PRO TIP: If wine, fruit punch or even milk gets spilled on your zebra hide, gallop at lightning speed! Soak up liquid with rags, microfibre cloths, paper towels and any and all drying fibres you can find. Remove all moisture before starting to wash the problem area. Don’t be scared to wash hide; it is a natural fabric. In a medium bowl, soak a microfibre cloth in warm water and one or two tiny drops of gentle dishwashing soap or baby shampoo. Squeeze out 95% of the bubble bath water. With gentle, circular motions, wipe the stain away.  Making sure you keep your rugs clean is the first step to proper house cleaning care. Contact us today to find out how our cleaners can get your house in tip-top shape!




Photo by strichpunkt