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No Dishwasher? No Problem!

For many, the dishwasher has become a treasured appliance they can’t live without. A big time-saver, it keeps the kitchen tidy and free of dish clutter. It also keeps hands soft and supple and free of chronic “dish pan hands,” a common ailment in the past that caused skin to become dry and cracked from ongoing exposure to water and dish soap. But what do you do when the dishwasher breaks down? No need to panic! Stay calm and follow these four tips.


1. Troubleshoot the Problem

If you open up the dishwasher in the morning and the dishes look dirty and the soap dispenser is caked with soap, don’t call the repairman just yet. Slide out the bottom rack, and check the bottom of your dishwasher for any obstruction. Often times, cutlery or debris might be blocking the water source. If the water won’t drain, carefully check for broken glass, as this is often the culprit. If there is no obvious blockage, call your local dishwasher repairman (ask friends and neighbourhood Facebook groups for referrals).


2. Allow Time to Soak

While waiting for your dishwasher to get repaired, hand washing dishes may become unavoidable. But, fear not! Simply soak your dishes, cutlery and baked-on messes in hot water, and walk away for half an hour. No matter how soiled your dishes, letting them soak makes cleaning them so much easier. The warm water dissolves and loosens food particles, and eliminates the need for scrubbing!


3. Wash as you Go

Washing dishes after every meal will keep your kitchen clean and ensure that you’re not overwhelmed. Avoidance is the kiss of death! Never pile dirty dishes in the sink or hide dirty pots and pans in the oven. Face this chore head-on. You may even find it helps with digestion; for example, people with acid reflux are often advised to stand upright and avoid slouching while eating, and avoid sitting for several hours after a meal.


4. Invest in a Drying Rack

Drying racks come in all shapes and sizes. From wooden styles to metal or molded plastic, expandable, collapsible, modern or traditional, there are lots of bells and whistles to consider. Look for one with a low counter top footprint (so it takes up less space on the counter), a cup for cutlery and a drain tray. No counter space? Use the dishwasher rack for drying. That’s right: a broken dishwasher may not wash your dishes, but it can still be used as a drying rack!


PRO TIP: Some people actually love washing their dishes by hand because they find the activity meditative. You, too, can meditate while you wash your dishes – and what might help is aromatherapy dish soap. Indulge yourself and buy a scent that delights your senses. Try a soothing blend of Acorn Spice, Basil, Honeysuckle or Geranium. Listening to soothing music or your favourite podcast can also help pass the time and add to your relaxation too.



If you’re not quite ready to embrace washing your own dishes on the daily, why not contact your local MOLLY MAID for a little help around the kitchen? Our teams are more than happy to assist you with your household chores and cleaning needs so you can focus your time on what really matters.