How to Get Your Kids to Love Helping You Clean – Part 1's featured image

Teaching children to pitch in with household chores is a significant life lesson as it demonstrates the importance of teamwork and responsibility, and it allows them to develop a sense of pride around completed tasks.

However, we all know that chores aren’t the most exciting or fun thing to do. What you have to do is make cleaning a game – and why not start this long weekend? The kids will be having fun, and you’ll benefit from a cleaner house!

The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID offer these creative ways to make cleaning fun for your children:

  • Put on some fun music and invent silly games. For example, have your children clean up their toys only using their feet; or have your children clean up one section of the toy room before the song ends – and then dance with them for the rest of the song!
  • Skate for dust bunnies.  Finally, here’s a great use for those socks that have lost their mate!  Put on some old socks and ‘skate’ around the floors, picking up dust bunnies along the way. You can also have your child put a matchless sock on their hand and dust along flat surfaces and baseboards – the baseboard is the racetrack and the sock is their car.
  • Paint the dust away.  Have your children use a clean, soft paintbrush to remove dust from window frames, doors tracks, knick-knacks, computer keyboards, etc.  The thickness of the paintbrush will be determined by the size of the job, but soft bristle brushes are always recommended to ensure the surface they’re cleaning isn’t scratched or damaged.

Visit us again next week for even more fun ways to get your children helping around the home!