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How to Minimize the Wardrobe Switch from Summer to Fall

Living in a four-season climate means that you own a huge variety of clothing, including outerwear like winter coats and snow pants, as well as footwear that can range from flip-flops to snowmobiling boots.

In the olden days, there seemed to be a strict rule about not wearing whites past Labour Day – but things have changed a lot in the last twenty years, and people don’t necessarily put all their summer wear in storage once the Labour Day long weekend comes to an end.

With minimalist wardrobe fads becoming a way of life for many, figuring out how to minimize the wardrobe switch from summer to fall is a skill that will save you time, closet space, and loads of money.


The Steve Jobs Wardrobe

By now, everyone knows that one of the secrets to Steve Jobs’ success was his no-decisions wardrobe. Instead of spending time worrying about what to wear each morning, Steve created a wardrobe system, which consisted of a black turtleneck, blue jeans and running shoes. He had multiples of each, but he wore the same thing every single day! Turns out other highly successful individuals like President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg made their lives easier by going minimalist with their wardrobe too.


Re-wear, Repair & Swap

The other three ways to expand a wardrobe are to re-wear, repair and swap classic items like smart casual black suits.

  • RE-WEAR: Men can pair the same suit over and over with different ties and cufflinks, and women can extend their suits by interchanging accessories like brooches and necklaces.
  • REPAIR: Repairing can mean adding patches to worn out elbows on blazers and jackets, or having a dress or skirt hemmed to a different length to keep it fashionable.
  • SWAP: Swapping clothing at consignment shops, with close friends or at neighbourhood events is yet another way to make the switch from summer to fall wardrobe easy, fun and inexpensive. Another bonus is that it’s environmentally friendly too!



Spend more time organizing your closet and building a minimalist wardrobe just in time for back to school season! Just contact your local MOLLY MAID to schedule your home’s next cleaning today!