How You Can Transform Your Shed with a Pegboard's featured image

Everyone knows there are many tools to keep your yard well-manicured and looking its best. The basics include a lawnmower, weed wacker, sheers, spade and a rake. However, a true gardening enthusiast knows these are just the bare minimum. A real horticulturalist has a stockpile of handy gadgets to keep their grass lush and vibrant, their veggies big and bountiful and their flowers perpetually blooming. If you fall into this category, we have just the thing to keep your shed as neat and tidy as your garden – a pegboard!

What is a Pegboard?

Pegboard was first introduced in 1962 by the Masonite Corporation. But much like Kleenex, the name was quickly picked up as the generic term for any perforated storage board made of hardboard, wood, metal or other material. Found just about anywhere, from your local corner store, hardware store, to the fancy big box outlet, pegboard is used to display information and sale items from bags of candy, office supplies and flip flops, to hats and scarves. The options are truly endless with this versatile storage system!

Get Organized!

At home, installing a pegboard is a quick way to get organized and increase the available workspace. Tools are easily sorted and easy to find on this vertical storage system. Available at most hardware stores and home centres, pegboard accessories come in a variety of hooks, hangers, baskets and tool holders. To install, simply tip the top pegs into the boards and then rotate down.

PRO TIP: Pegboard needs about 1/2 inch of ‘standoff’ space behind it so hooks can be inserted. Plastic and metal pegboard panels have this space built-in (created by the L-shape flanges at the edge). If using a different type of pegboard, make this space by creating a frame for the back of the panel.


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Photo by Kim Stiver