Inspire Yourself with the Show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo's featured image

The creators of the Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ are marketing geniuses. Released on January 1, 2019 the show arrived on our virtual TV doorstep on the same day that most of us were looking to make all manner of lifestyle changes, whether it be diet, fitness, cleaning or budgeting. For us at MOLLY MAID in the housekeeping and cleaning service business, systematic cleaning routines are at the core of how we care for each and every home. It was wonderful to binge on Marie Kondo’s season 1 episodes for helpful cleaning tips.  Here’s why:

Clothes Purge

Unlike our method of cleaning room by room, Marie Kondo cleans by category. The first one she starts with is clothing. The fascinating thing about the show was seeing all the different places people store and hide their clothes. There are the usual suspects like pants, shirts, dresses and underwear that are stored in closets and dressers in the bedroom, but then there are the other closets, dressers and storage bins spread anywhere from guest bedrooms, kids’ rooms and even the garage. By pulling all the clothes from each spot and putting them into one pile, it’s bittersweet to see the abundance and excess we live with on a daily basis. Ultimately, we agree that this bird’s eye view of the pile is the most productive way to deal with clothing and freeing up more space will likely elevate your home.

Bag in Bag

Although there’s been some negative interpretation of Marie Kondo’s decluttering methods, we’re sticking our necks out for her to say that she is gentle, encouraging and supportive of everyone’s decision in how to manage excess, whether it’s kids socks, ties or hand bags. Instead of telling her clients to pick and choose between purses, she simply shows them how to store the bags inside each bag. So many of her tips and hacks are practical and will make more space in your closets.

Clean Counters!

For some reason, most of us prefer uncluttered kitchen counters. Even the most appliance-loving types will confess to loving minimalist counters and extra storage to hide appliances. So why do we slowly allow our things to creep out and stay put? Episode after episode, the answer is crystal clear: people are time-starved. Either you’re working extra-long hours, you’re caring for children or extended family members, or life just gets in the way. Marie Kondo has a remarkable way of finding a home for everything without making you rush out to buy all manner of storage bins or new shelving. Her secret? Personalizing the purge. In the episode called ‘From Students to Improvements,’ the couple come to the realization that they don’t need nineteen mugs. This is likely something most of us are guilty of, and it’s such an easy fix.

Keep to your New Year’s resolutions and start de-cluttering and organizing your items. Prioritize and hold on to items you value and use and make sure to recycle or let go of items that just sit and collect dust. With all this de-cluttering, you now have the space and time to think about getting a deep clean for your space. Contact the cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID today to get a head start on your cleaning!



Photo by Jose Soriano