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Germs are everywhere, especially on items that are handled by many people throughout the day. Here is a list of items you may want to clean before handling.

  • Cell phones: A 2011 study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that one in six cell phones contains traces of fecal matter. Therefore, it may be smart to leave you cellphone outside of the bathroom. To clean, use a fast-drying cleaner designated for mobile devices on a regular basis.
  • Remote control: The TV remote is one of the most handled items in your home. According to a study done by the University of Virginia, remote controls contain more germs than any other household surface. In fact, 30% of the remotes tested in the study contained cold causing bacteria.
  • Stroller handles: According to a Hygiene Council study, 6% of stroller handles are heavily contaminated by bacteria and germs, therefore it is important to clean it regularly.
  • Flush handle: The toilet flush handle becomes contaminated every time it is used. Prevent the spread of germs by washing your hands thoroughly after using the toilet. If possible, clean the handle every day or at least once a week with an all-natural bathroom cleaner.
  • Grocery cart handles: According to an article published by ABC news, grocery store shopping cart handles contain more germs than public restrooms. To prevent the spread of germs, grocery stores are now providing sanitation wipes for customers to utilize prior to shopping. To be safe, always bring a travel bottle of hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands, in case sanitation wipes are not provided.
  • Stationary exercise equipment at the gym: According to a news story reported by Postmedia, researchers tested athletic equipment at local gyms and found E. coli, strep bacteria and the influenza virus present on their stationary exercise equipment. To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, always utilize the sanitation spray provided at the gym before and after you use the equipment.