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As we settle into September’s more structured routine, our front foyers end up doing a complete 180! Minimalist summer gear like flip-flops and baseball caps make way for the dumping ground of rain boots, hockey equipment, lunch bags, fleece jackets, etc. And who bears the brunt of it all? That’s right, our humble floors. This season, vow that you’ll keep your floors cleaner than ever. Here’s how.


Wash and Go!

Your number one line of defense is a trio of washable fibre guards (think: washable mats, washable rugs and washable runners). If you live in a condo, you’re likely not allowed to place a welcome mat in the hallway, but if you can, get one that’s washable. Put one outside your front door and inside your front door, then you’re sure to win the dirt battle. If your home includes a fur family, you may want to invest in an additional layer: the oh-so handy beach towel. Before you take your pet for a walk, place a clean towel in your entry way. Upon return, dirty paws will trample the towel, not your floors or mats. Be sure to toss it in the washer and dryer regularly, so it’s ready for that next walk. Buy multiple towels and choose a colour or design that will be strictly used for floor protection.


Self-clean Revolution!

When self-cleaning ovens came on the market in the late 60s, households rejoiced in the ability to quickly tick one chore off the weekly to-do list. Fast forward fifty years, and now we’ve got self-cleaning washing machines, self-cleaning vacuums and even self-cleaning mops. Like most technologies, it’s an imperfect clean, but having a robovac in your home will most certainly help you to keep your floors (wooden or carpeted) cleaner than ever! In the market for a robotic vacuum, but not sure what to shop for? Visit to find the right one for your floors.


The Dust Pan Can!

If you’re lucky enough to have a central vac system, you can easily vacuum on a whim. However, as it turns out, most people are so time-crunched that even hauling out the hoses feels like an impossible chore. So, instead of avoiding hair balls, dried mud tracks and cereal crumbs, create a semi self-sweep system. Grab your microfibre dry mop, clean the affected area, then sweep debris into your central vac’s automatic dust pan. No central vac? No problem! A basic dollar store dust pan will do the trick too.