Keeping your Wood or Multi-fuel Stove Clean's featured image

As the dark evenings start to come earlier, our thoughts inevitably turn to the winter ahead and, if you have one, making use of your fireplace again.

If you have an open chimney, it’s really important that it’s cleaned at least once a year to reduce the fire risk. However, if you use one of the ‘dirtier’ fuels like wood, as opposed to oil, gas or smokeless coal, then you will need to clean your chimney up to four times every year.

You’ll also need to get the duster and the vacuum cleaner out more often to deal with the fine ash that will somehow end up all over the house. The dirtier your stove, the more dust will be generated every time you light a fire and the harder you’ll have to work to keep the house clean. To help you out, MOLLY MAID can share some handy tips for cleaning your stove.

For multi-fuel stoves, having it well maintained will keep your family snug during the cold winter months. Make sure that your stove is kept in good repair and cleaned when it is not in use so that it will always be available to you when you need it.

Whether it’s a wood or multi-fuel stove, your biggest enemy will be dust that collects around it. Your most powerful ally will be a vacuum cleaner and its many attachments that can gather up all the dust from the nooks and crannies around your stove and fireplace.


In addition to keeping your fireplace clean, be sure to have it inspected by a licensed professional at least once a year to make sure that everything is working perfectly. If there are any signs of damage such as cracks or warping, or if you have any problems with how it works, you should it repaired immediately.