Kids Stuff: 5 Ways to get Kids to Help you Clean's featured image

Cleaning the house is something everyone has to learn at some point in their life. Get kids into the habit of helping you clean by teaching them from a young age. Here are five ways to get kids to help:

  1. Make Sure Chores are Appropriate for the Age – One of the best ways to make sure children succeed at their chores is to assign chores to them that are within their abilities. Use your judgment about what your child can do.
  2. Make-believe – Younger kids love to role-play so try encouraging them to be a MOLLY MAID Home Service Professional! Outfit them with a pink apron and blue rubber gloves.
  3. Turn up the Music – Music is motivating for everyone! Play music that you know your kids love and turn it up. When you can sing along, time goes by quickly and the chore becomes enjoyable (almost).
  4. Make it a Game – Use a timer to motivate kids to clean. They like to try to beat the timer by finishing their chores before it goes off. Set the timer for 15 minutes to see how much can be accomplished.
  5. Appreciate their Efforts – There's no reason why you can't use rewards – a play date with a friend, a movie or their favourite meal. If you associate positive fun rewards with cleaning, kids will feel good about what they do.