Leaving on a Jet Plane?'s featured image

Plane travel is often essential to get to that sought-after, much needed vacation destination. Although exciting, sharing a confined space with a number of people, can result in an increased number of germs. Leave the germs on the plane by taking preventative measures and familiarizing yourself with the top germ hot spots on an airplane.

  • Bathroom door handle & sink faucet: Avoid touching these hot spots in the airplane washroom with your bare hands. Instead, create a barrier using paper towel or a tissue to turn on and off the faucet, and open the door. Always wash your hands after using the washroom, and have a small travel-size hand sanitizer back at your seat just in case.
  • Backs and tops of airplane seats: Avoid grabbing onto the seats when walking through the plane. If you have to hold on to the seat to steady yourself, use hand sanitizer to remove any germs as soon as you return to your seat.
  • In-flight entertainment controls: Use a wet wipe to clean the control panel of the in-flight entertainment system, then clean your hands as well. Keep your hands away from your face until you have washed them.
  • Food and beverage trays: When you pull your food tray down to eat, give the surface a quick wipe down with a wet wipe, or hand sanitizer and a tissue, to remove any germs.

Enjoy your flight!